Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Sorry, I've been gone for a while.. But I closed this past Friday. It lasted about 30 mins and I was handed the keys.  I was shocked how easy and simple the process was. Today I received a check from the title company for $10. I guess I over paid. lol

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Home Stretch...

I have definitely been MIA for a while. I have been visiting to check on everyone's progress. I'm excited for everyone that has closed or is about to close. There has been a lot of progress since the last time I've wrote. I had the pre-drywall meeting about a week ago. The drywall has been completed, and according to my PM the painting and trim will be next week. I went over today to see inside and hopefully take some photos, but it appears that I have already been locked out. No biggie, maybe this weekend I'll stop by the Sales office and ask to "borrow" the keys to my house.  There was a little hiccup during the PM meeting. I paid extra for a soaking tub. I thought the soaking also came with a shower head (see below photo), however it does not. I was a little confuzzled that they would offer an upgraded soaking tub but without a shower head. I don't know many adults that take showers on a daily basis. A bath every now and then to relax is what it would be used for. After finding out that the soaking tub is sans a shower head. I requested to either add a shower head to the tub or remove the soaking tub and install a standard bath. However, my wonderful SR and PM worked with the builder and they agreed to add a shower head without any additional costs to myself.

On the top was what I was hoping it would look like. It's a traditional bath and shower head. On the bottom is the tub that was installed including the change to include the shower head. It appears that I would turn the water for the shower via the nozzle on the wall and to run water for a bath the nozzle and tub faucetare on the side of the tub. Definitely not traditional but I can work with it. All in all I believe I will be satisfied with the results.

Instead of a traditional curtain I plan to install a frame-less glass enclosures. The glass enclosures range from about 300-500 and I would pay a professional to install. It's not something I would want to do myself and risk having water all over the place.

Almost there..I'm not sure why the one shutter is missing. As long as it miraculously appears before closing I have no desire to find out. I went by today and the driveway and sidewalk have been poured. I thought that would be one of the last things they would do. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Today I pulled the trigger and locked my interest rate in. I spoke to my PM and he said I'm within 60 days, so I decided to just go ahead. I don't have enough patience to rate watch. The rate today was pretty decent.

This was yesterday's breakdown on rates:

  • 3.5% - lender credit of .375%  which will be applied towards your closing cost.  This is the closing quote to your cash out of pocket expense from the beginning.
  • 3.375% - cost of .75 discount points which is $1404 out of pocket more at closing
  • 3.25% - cost of 1.25 discount points which is $2491 out of pocket more at closing
I locked today at 3.5% with a lender credit of .625%. The lender credit increased slightly from yesterday, so I decided to lock. For me that's about $1250 from the lender going towards closing. I'm happy with the credit and the rate.

I'm not sure because I know minimal about roofing, but it looks as though the roof is complete. I believe it has to be inspected by the PM. I'm not sure if that has taken place yet.

I am having a mix of hardwood and carpet on the first floor. I wanted to get wood blinds to match. Lucky for me the sub-con that is installing the hardwood also does window treatments. I met with the sales rep on Monday and picked out all the blinds for the whole house. They will come in the day after settlement and install the blinds. I'm not a fool to think that I'm not paying for the convenience. I know I could have gotten better priced blinds somewhere else but the fact that they will measure the windows and have the blinds ready for me when I move in, is a major plus. It is one last thing I need to worry about. I decided to have wood blinds installed on the french door. I'm wondering if I'm better off just putting a curtain there instead. What do y'all think?

 My little kitchen area. It's going to be small but I'll make do. There's the wood for the kitchen island. The kitchen island cabinet is where I will house the cable box and etc. I am going to mount the television over the fireplace. It looks as though I'm the only unit that opted for a fireplace. I also added the blower so it will be more than just ambiance. 

 Unless they do an enormous amount of grading. I am going to need a deck. That's a pretty intense drop down. I figure Ryan will put steps there but that is still pretty steep. I am going to plan to have a deck by next summer. I will have time if I move in September.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's a bit awkward!!

I went out for breakfast today and I decided to stop by the house. When I pulled up I saw what I thought was my new neighbors, so introduced myself and asked what unit is yours. They said they live across the street and was just looking in people's houses. I thought that was a little weird, and awkward. It was a brother and sister, who live in two different units across the street and their parents. They wanted to see the layouts of the houses. I guess I might have some nosey neighbors on my hands.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

There's a roof...almost!

I can't believe how fast things are progressing. Just two weeks ago they were pouring the footers. And now they are towards the end of the framing. They are scheduling settlement for the end of September or beginning of October. I'm hoping that maybe it will be sooner. I don't know much about building a house but things are progressing quite fast. I ventured into the house on Saturday to show my family. My first time in my house and I was caught by the SR. She was cool about it, said her standard phrase "you know you shouldn't be here....but you are going to do it anyway...just be safe".  I went in there again yesterday and there was junk food wrappers and soda cans just laying around inside the house. I know they will clean up when they are finished the job but I just felt it was a little disrespectful. I wouldn't go to someone else's house and leave my junk food trash around, I would like the same respect.

This is obviously the back of the house. I don't know if this is normal but I would think the top and bottom windows should be more centered. Should I inquire about that or is it normal?

This is the side of the house. I added the option for two extra windows on side of the house. However, with a fireplace you only get one extra window. I'm not sure why I'm paying for two extra windows (per the floor plan) but only get one because of the fireplace. It's not necessarily a big deal but I would have decided against the window if I was only getting one. I liked how the two looked on the floor plan with the spacing. However, I guess one window is better than none. I believe in natural light. 

This is the front of the house. It's elevation B. I didn't necessarily choose the elevation. The elevation came with the lot I chose. I'm not sure if this is standard with all town houses. I guess if I didn't like the elevation I would have to pick another lot? I'm not sure on that. It wasn't a big deal for me, so I never inquired anymore about it. I happened to like the elevation that was already decided for my lot. 

I took a picture of this stud in the garage (see arrow). It seems a little "bent". Is that normal? Will it be a problem later? I'm debating if I should bring it to the attention of the PM.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My first was born today

Floor that is....

So I went over the house today and now I have a first floor. I wish the big excavator wasn't in the way so I could get better pictures. I was reluctant to walk in the house.

When did y'all start walking inside?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I took some more photos :-)

This is my first time actually walking around the house. I kinda felt like I was trespassing lol. The photos are of the front of the house, the back and a view into the basement. It looks as though the basement is much bigger than it actually is. I believe everything left of the pole will be separated by a wall and will be an unfinished area. Everything to the right will be finished living space.