Monday, July 30, 2012

A little progress

I haven't taken many photos. And the ones I do have probably aren't the best but I thought I would upload a few. The last time I was there (yesterday) it looks as though the basement and garage floor have been poured. I'm posting from my phone. The photos aren't in any particular order.

Friday, July 27, 2012


The fun part is talking about your selections. So I thought I would list the main ones that I'm most excited and must haves.

End unit - I have a townhouse. The end units are always the most coveted. Since I was the first under contract I got the pick of the litter.

Finished basement - Initially if I went with NVR they would give me $6500 (ish) towards a finished basement. I would be responsible for the other $3500. My realtor and I negotiated the $3500 as an additional incentive.

1st fl Powder room - We also negotiated that as an incentive.

Kitchen Island

42" maple cognac cabinets

Hw Floors in the foyer, kitchen, dining room and powder room

Upgrade the carpet pads. Upgraded carpet in basement.

Stainless steel range and dishwasher. I'm going to buy my own refrigerator and microwave. I believe if i shop around I can get a better price.

Additional windows in great room (living room)

Slate fireplace with blower - without the blower it's basically just for ambiance.

Soaking tub in master bath

Home theater wiring in basement

Outlet over fireplace for tv and outlet and wiring in kitchen island for the auxiliary boxes.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Guardian Meeting

I'm definitely a tech person so the Guardian meeting ended up being very costly event. I met with Guardian back in February. Initially I purchased the intercom, which in hindsight is an enormous waste of money. But it seemed pretty cool at the time. I also got the standard cable hook ups in each room and the basement. I believe thats a necessity for resale value and convenience.

And of course I purchased the free monitoring equipment. It is a 3 yr contract for $31 if I choose to have a home telephone. At that time I was conflicted on whether or not I wanted a home phone.

I declined the whole house music system. I have docks so I didn't see the point of that.

Now fast forward today. I requested an additional meeting because I wanted to include the wiring for the tv mounted over the fireplace and the home theater wiring package in the basement. The home theater wiring was about $550. Which I think is excessive just for wiring. If my basement wasn't going to be finished. I would have done it later.

The TV mounted over the fireplace was more expensive than I imagined. But it's also something I think I needed done if I wanted it done correctly. Not only do I need the cable wiring up on the wall I also wanted the cable box and auxiliary cable out of sight. As of now I have Guardian running the cords and cables from the wall above the fireplace to the kitchen island cabinet where I plan to house the cable box and auxiliary boxes. The price without including the additional electrical outlets is $900.

I left the meeting today still undecided about the home monitoring. I think it might be cheaper to just pay the extra charge for the Guardian and not get the home phone. Any suggestions??

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Model home

I fell in love with the model home and knew this home was for me. I instantly starting imagining myself living there and how I would furnish and decorate. I realize that part of the allure was the fabulous decor. Anywho... I attached sorne of the photos of the Roxbury Model home. I admit I didn't take the best photos.

Welcome...Nice to meet you

I am a future owner of a Ryan Roxbury townhouse located in Amberleigh. This will be my first home. I'm not sure if it's more exciting or more stressful because it is a new construction.

A little about myself... I'm 27 single and no kids. I guess my situation doesn't warrant the necessity to buy a home. So people often ask me why buy a house now. I usually answer why not. The interest rates are incredible, and I wouldn't mind the tax breaks. 

A little about my progress...I went under contract back in February. I am the first phase for the Roxbury in my community. Before Ryan could have started construction they needed to have sold all the units. They sold all the units in June and started construction the beginning of July. Things seems to be progressing faster than I thought. The PM predicts they will begin framing by end of the week or beginning of next week. 

As of now I have no complaints with Ryan or NVR. The SR, LO, PM have all been exceptional. So far all have exceeded my expectations in customer service.

I am excited to chronicle my journey with the rest of the future Ryan homeowners.  To any of my future neighbors feel free to say Hello!