Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Guardian Meeting

I'm definitely a tech person so the Guardian meeting ended up being very costly event. I met with Guardian back in February. Initially I purchased the intercom, which in hindsight is an enormous waste of money. But it seemed pretty cool at the time. I also got the standard cable hook ups in each room and the basement. I believe thats a necessity for resale value and convenience.

And of course I purchased the free monitoring equipment. It is a 3 yr contract for $31 if I choose to have a home telephone. At that time I was conflicted on whether or not I wanted a home phone.

I declined the whole house music system. I have docks so I didn't see the point of that.

Now fast forward today. I requested an additional meeting because I wanted to include the wiring for the tv mounted over the fireplace and the home theater wiring package in the basement. The home theater wiring was about $550. Which I think is excessive just for wiring. If my basement wasn't going to be finished. I would have done it later.

The TV mounted over the fireplace was more expensive than I imagined. But it's also something I think I needed done if I wanted it done correctly. Not only do I need the cable wiring up on the wall I also wanted the cable box and auxiliary cable out of sight. As of now I have Guardian running the cords and cables from the wall above the fireplace to the kitchen island cabinet where I plan to house the cable box and auxiliary boxes. The price without including the additional electrical outlets is $900.

I left the meeting today still undecided about the home monitoring. I think it might be cheaper to just pay the extra charge for the Guardian and not get the home phone. Any suggestions??


  1. We had three meetings with Guardian! First one we could not complete because we had another appointment. Second meeting, lasted forever and gave me an extreme headache. Third meeting, was a breeze because the information he shared at the second meeting finally sunk in. The tv mounting is excessive; however, we chose to get it because I want a clean, stream lined set up with the tv that will be place in the wet bar. We will all all the equipment stored underneath the cabinet of the wet bar. We did get the home monitoring system with Guardian--just a very very very personal choice. I know it's different from state to state, but did RH offer you 2 cable and 2 telephone outlets for free? You are only being charged $31 which is great. We will be paying $49 and I think because I added some additional feature to our options. I love technoloy! lol

    1. At the end of the day, it's all about whether or not your budget can accommodate the fee and how secure you will feel in your home with or without it. There are other companies who offer the service and you may want to do some research on prices before the window of opportunity closes with Guardian.

  2. I don't mind the monitoring fee. It's the decision between paying $31 and having a home phone or $45 and I wouldn't need a home phone for monitoring.

  3. Okay, I understand and it's a lot to think about! The phone option did not come up because I will have a landline for my home business and I have at least one phone in the house with a regular cord for emergency usages, too. For instance, when we had that terrible storm, I had to charge my mobile in my car over night since we did not have electricity. Not to mention, all cars do not charge when the engine is off. Good luck on your decision.